"The Mannequin March was a great guerilla marketing tool that really brought the advertising campaign to life."
Judy Black
Marketing Director
Global Communications Metropolis at Metrotown

Ivanhoe Cambridge and their creative agency, Detroit Creative, developed an advertising and promotional program to promote the launch of the newly renovated shopping centre, Metropolis at Metrotown. The main concept of the ad campaign: “The Mannequins of Robson Street are fed up with Robson Street and heading to where the fashion is, Metropolis.”

The key concept was to encourage people throughout the lower mainland to visit Metropolis during the time of opening in a way that garnered both media attention and a sense of curiosity in the public.

Supported by traditional promotional activities including radio, television and print, Fireworks Marketing Group developed a guerilla marketing campaign featuring strategically positioned Mannequins making their way to Metropolis.